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The Return of the Overcute

They call me Joy. Piscean Wood Rat Catholic with apologist tendencies, latent supernatural powers and a naughty streak. Long distance lover. I'm here for my friends plus all the cutesy Asian fashion, fandom, and pr0n, so *hopefully* this will be my most laid-back blog yet. Pastel colors, Chibi-usa/Chibi-Moon/Lady Serenity, Steve Rogers x Darcy Lewis, Steve Rogers x anyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans, and Tom Hiddleston are taking over my life!
Aug 28 '14
Aug 27 '14

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Aug 27 '14

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Aug 27 '14

Rapunzel Week; Day 6 — Favorite Song

Aug 27 '14

(Raspberry Mousse)


(Raspberry Mousse)

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Aug 25 '14
Aug 25 '14




if you keep reblogging celebs dumping water all over themselves, even if you’re not, please watch this. please please please watch this.

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Aug 25 '14

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Aug 25 '14

EXO-7 Falcon Flight Suit Appreciation

I never said pilot

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Aug 25 '14

misamandry asked:

☆ team america pls



happy headcanon!

(this may be influenced by what i’ve got playing on grooveshark rn but w/e)

the first time they all go on a road trip (“where do you wanna—” “the grand canyon,” bucky had said immediately) there is a bit of a scuffle trying to figure out who is in charge of the music. sam tries to invoke the “driver picks the music, loser shuts their cakehole” rule but steve gets a little indignant because sam that’s not safe this is a very long drive we need all eyes on the road and sam’s kind of like um, have you seen the things we manage to do while driving during car chases? but he obliges and they make a rotation of who-sits-where, clockwise, and if you’re in the passenger seat you’re in charge of the radio/xm/ipod/what-have-you, and your word is law as car dj. 

sam starts driving, natasha in the passenger seat and steve and bucky in the back with the bags of snacks and the drink cooler between them. nat lets the top 40 radio station play them out of the beltway, and soon enough she pulls up a playlist on her ipod and nicki minaj’s superbass starts pounding through the speakers and nat is singing along to all of it perfectly—steve and bucky can only stare because they hadn’t gotten this far on their journey through the music they’d missed while on ice and sam literally turns his entire head because since when can nat rap like this wtf. (“eyes on the road wilson,” she smirks during a break between verses, pushing his face back forward.) ((by the end of natasha’s turn in the front seat bucky’s bobbing his head and got a few lines down.))

bucky and natasha are almost embarrassed when she’s moved to the back seat with him as sam and steve belt out all the songs on trouble man. neither of them can sing and the speakers can only cover up so much.

steve picks quieter songs when bucky is behind the wheel—they timed it so he would be driving through flat stretches of highways in cornfields, low stress, and slow jazz tunes with that un-remastered fuzz to them, and no one says anything. sam falls asleep on nat in the back seat after they move the cooler out of the way. 

natasha drives with a foot like mjolnir and bucky turns all the music off. he starts a game of i-spy and sam quickly makes a ban on the punch buggy game because there’s no way he’s playing that with two super soldiers in the car. they find other games to play.

and so it goes: lady-centric hip-hop to r&b to 1940s to silly car games and the silence of naps over the rumble of tires on pavement.

(((the next time they have a mission after the trip, natasha and bucky break out into a “LIKE GIVE UP IT’S ME I WIN YOU LOSE” after they win)))

idk what this is welp

I love this. IDK if anybody read my first #steve & nat brotp post but it was about Nat’s faves all being post-1980s and Clint telling her she has no goddamn taste but Steve being incredibly supportive.


As someone who actually met and worked with Nicki Minaj for her Manila concert, this makes me all sorts of happy. 

I now wonder if Natasha and Sam would resolve the Li’l Kim vs Nicki Minaj best female rapper wars in their own way… or take a third option like, say, Left-Eye (RIP bby). 

If Bucky takes to cock rock and Franz Ferdinand, I will eat my laptop. XDDDD